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for Civil-War-Reenactment


First Bull Run - First Manassas „Henry House Hill“


The first big battle of the american civil war was to take place on July 21st, 1861 in Virginia. The union goverment under Abraham Lincoln had the plan to end secession with a fast march on the south‘s capital Richmond. Both armies were to meet in Fairfax and Prince William County, Virginia….


The camp with battle will take place from the 12th of August until the 14th of August in Thürneustift (Lower Austria). The camp aswell as the battlefield are located near the fire station. Participators can, if they whish, arrive on 11th of August. The latest time for departure is the 15th of August.

On the campsite you will find water, firewood as well as a cantina with drinks and snaks for reenactors.

The camp fee is EUR 10,- and covers: shower, lavatory, firewood, water and one cold meal for the battle. The rest of the weekend is self-supply.

Presumably we will have infantry, cavalry and artillery present at the battle.

At the same time there will be a festival from the local fire department. If your duty (guard, officer of the day,…) allows, you are welcome to visit this festival on Friday night.

The battle itself will take place on Saturday approx. 4 p.m.. Smaller skrimishes will be held in before this.


Friday, 12th of August: arrival, recruiting, drill, briefing

Saturday, 13th of August: dressparade, form Companies, drill, battle, events in camp (theater,…)

Sunday, 14th of August: dressparade, paycall, dissmissal of the troops


Registration until Tuesday, 9th of August at the latest! Contact Major Leonard Tobler:

Phone: +43 664 346 5860 or e-mail: captain.2ndrifles@gmail.com


With your registration please do declare the following:

Date of arrival, Name, number of troops (civilians), type of tents (and number) CS os US? Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery?



Fight for your independence”



Leonard Tobler, Maj.

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